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General Questions

1. How do I purchase movie tickets with Fandango?
2. When will I get my email order confirmation?
3. Never Received/Deleted My Confirmation Email
4. How do I pick up my tickets?
5. Are there any discounts for children, seniors, students, military, or groups?
6. What is Reserved Seating and how does it work?
7. Convenience fee for each ticket and cost
8. How do I unsubscribe or delete my Fandango account?

Refunds & Exchanges

1. Are Fandango Tickets Refundable?
2. How do I get a refund or exchange?
3. What are Fandango credits and how do I use them?


1. Can I access FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP credentials?
2. Can I use my Fandango Gift Card on FandangoNOW?
3. Who can I call for FandangoNOW support?
4. Why do I need to enter my credit card info again when I sign in to FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP account?
5. How do I access FandangoNOW on Roku?
6. How much does FandangoNOW cost each month or annually?
7. How do I register or un-register a device?
8. How do I buy or rent something to watch?
9. Play a movie from your movies library
10. How can I download a video so I can watch offline or on-the-go?

Fandango VIP

1. What is Fandango VIP?
2. I forgot the password to my Fandango VIP account and can't sign in.
3. Is my existing Fandango account now a Fandango VIP account?

Gift Cards

1. How do I redeem my gift card?
2. How do I find my gift card code/pin?
3. How do I check my gift card balance?
4. Where is the gift card I ordered?
5. What is a Fandango Gift card and where can I buy one?
6. Which theaters can I use Fandango gift cards to buy tickets?
7. Are there any fees for using or buying a Fandango Gift Card?
8. What if I need more than 50 gift cards?

Audience Score

1. What happened to Fan Ratings?
2. What is a Verified Review?
3. How do I become verified?
4. How do I leave a rating and a review?
5. Why do some movies have Audience Scores and user reviews before their release date?
6. If I buy multiple tickets on Fandango, can I leave multiple Verified Reviews?
7. Why is my rating being shared on Rotten Tomatoes?
8. Can I opt out of displaying my Verified Review on Rotten Tomatoes?
9. Are my ratings and reviews now part of the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score?
10. Is my rating now part of the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score?
11. Why is my review not verified?
12. Where does my review get displayed on Rotten Tomatoes?
13. I bought a ticket as a guest at checkout, how do I leave a Verified Review?
14. Do I need a Fandango account to leave a review?
15. Do I need a Rotten Tomatoes account to leave a rating on Fandango?
16. Can I edit my review?
17. Someone else purchased my ticket, can I still leave a Verified Review?
18. What is the minimum length of a review?


1. What happened to my account?
2. Why can't I find the theater I'm looking for?
3. Am I required to create an account?
4. How do I redeem my gift card?
5. How do I find my gift card code and pin?
6. What is a gift card and where can I buy one?
7. What if I need more than 50 gift cards?


1. Where did my "Want to See" list go?
2. How do I access my account?
3. Where did my favorited theaters go?
4. Why can't I add movies to my "Want to See" list?
5. Why can't I add a rating or a review?
6. What happened to my Netflix account synchronization?
7. Why can’t I find a theater in the Flixster app?
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